Thoroughly nasty nightmare last night, woke Paul up for a change. Won’t describe it except to say that there was a lot of violence and insanity.

Came home and found Katie out cold on the sofa. She woke up just long enough to tell me what to cook her for supper. I know I don’t miss being a teenager, but maybe it’s because if I’d tried to order my mother around in quite that fashion my pater would have given me what fer.

Off to the sister office tomorrow so will be blogging from the road again.

Spoke to Jan (previously referred to as Vampire Mamma in this blog) this am, in my frantic efforts to locate bed space for my family for my visit to Toronto. Then Paul called and told me we’ll just buy bedding and foamies for Tammy and then we can all stay in the same place. If she’ll have us! We won’t be there for the whole time, thank god. Must remember to show up with massive groceries, it’s quite the undertaking to have that many people over. The worst thing about the visit is that subgroups of the people I want to see loathe each other (in that icy, cordial Canadian way – ie I wouldn’t refuse to loan you jumper cables, but you’d better say thanks and mess off when you’re done kinda thing.)

This means that a lot of my visiting will be rather truncated, because Paul doesn’t feel welcomed by some people, and various of people’s spouses loathe me, and the kids can’t deal with some people, and this next phrase deleted even if the person it’s aimed at never reads it. Of course, will I see the people I really want to? For long enough? Unlikely. But I have a list.

I have lots of other stuff to say, but it’s time to run away to work.

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