bend the rules why doncha

This is how you get around the ONE SALAD BOWL PER CUSTOMER rule at a salad bar. Note the vegetarian goodness of it all, never to mention the serious understanding of what comestibles possess the necessary strength (remember the famous four stresses – tension, torsion, compression and shear) to hold the load. As I have said MANY MANY times, it’s not the stupid customers you have to watch out for. It’s the clever ones with time on their hands…..A bowler bob to Brooke-who-recently-took-up-banjo for passing this one along.

After MANY MANY years of being a good girl, I am now a Buffy fan. One lousy DVD, and now I have 5 seasons to catch up on. Glen, you’re a freaking menace, did anybody ever tell you that?

Had dinner at Glen and Marilyn’s last night. DAMN that was good. The best part was the basement. Why? Because that’s where Marilyn hauled out the single most berloody amazing piece of fetish gear – which is not fetish but working gear, which makes it even MORE fetishy ifn you know what I mean – that has ever smote my eyeballs. It’s RIDING ARMOUR. Picture if you will parallelogram dense-foam lozenges all sewn together into a protective vest which covers in the front down to your noogies and in the back past your tailbone. NOW picture that it’s hunter green. NOW picture that if you wore a green body suit underneath and a bug mask, you would be wearing the most scary costume in history and IF you were motivated to outline the lozenges in both white and glow in the dark paint you’d be a scary sight indeed at the club. Marilyn, what do you want for it!!!??? I’m a craving it! Want picture!!! Ah shaddap, me.

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