enough sleep mayhap

Katie phoned last night after we crashed to say that she was staying at the non bf’s. Wonder how long this charade will last?

Body still ringing like a gong from the labyrinth and the singing yesterday. Don’t normally feel like this, it’s very weird.

Writing exercise this morning was “Write what you didn’t say.” I wrote something flippant about how I could write a universe about what I didn’t say, and then THIS popped out (with some edits for tightness).

To have your gaze fall on me is to breathe light.

To share words with you is to risk annihilation.

At any time your words may crumple up my world

like a bad first draft.

You have a knife at your belt

which is sharper than the edge of the unseen.

Proof, intent, will and intellect, all irrelevant,

for among them like a hunter is desire.

Paul said, go post it and I’ll make you some tea.

He’s all happy because the great Eye of Sauron fell upon him at work, and he served his master well. In other news, he had an hour to get an IFE system running (Montreal gave him a one hour delay) and he DID it. Maybe it’s not such a big deal compared to airworthiness items but if you’re going to Heathrow or Peking from Vancouver you want the frikkin’ cabin entertainment system working! Paul rocks, I publicly declare it.

Mike says hot tub will be working for New Years; keep your little appendages crossed.

Chung man sent me a Christmas party pic. Paul and I look great (okay, Paul looks great, and I am neither eating nor drinking so I can’t complain), but I can’t post it because of the two other people in the pic. Deb is actually a stunningly gorgeous creature and in this pic she looks like a Buffy outtake, and Rob of Nine has had his head cloven in twain. Since it’s MEAN to post bad pix without permission, I’ll have to deal with it. Once I edit it, and maybe ‘shop the platoon of beer bottles in front of me into another plane of existence, I’ll post it. The pix I took at the party suck, so I am not tempted to post them.

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