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Okay, enough with the spooky coincidences. Saw a great blue heron coming down Cariboo before I went in to work. Yeah, means nothing to YOU. Then I get home and watch Born Yesterday with Paul and Keith (Keith got it from the library for us) and realize that on the DVD are theatrical trailers, and one of the trailers is for Bell Book and Candle, which means that the same day I get this weird kink to see something by Ernie Kovacs it turns up in my living room. Lawsamercy, I’m scared to think what I could imagine if I really put my back into it.

Actually, I know what I’m imagining right now, and it’s simply wonderful. Hope you’re all having as great a time as I.

Off to some ADD Self Help thingee downtown, to be arm candy for Paul I imagine (insert derisive snorts in THIS slot, and derisive laughs HERE please).

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