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Most excellent trip to the sister office. Brother G provided tunes including Little River Band (it’s been ages) and early Van Morrison, most of which I don’t recollect hearing before. Weather was more or less okay both ways and although the traffic was pretty rude in chunks of the I5 that too was mostly okay. Borders both ways were no sweat, although I was interested to see that the ID got checked both ways. Must be something to do with the terror alert in the US. The boy who cried wolf must be sick with laughing.

Very happy to be back in the bosom of my family. Paul and Keith cooked breakfast, being flapjacks and red river cereal (you know, wholesome and nutritious…. unlike the last two days, when it’s been variations on a very greasy theme).

The team building exercise at the sister office consisted of building the tallest structure possible with dried spaghetti and marshmallows. My team won, mostly because Brother A got on the floor and started working right away. We swiftly switched from squares to triangles as being an inherently more stable structure, and between the five of us got to a little higher than waist high in 15 minutes. It was very entertaining, especially when we went to inspect the other contestants’ designs. The first one unstuck from the wall and collapsed as we walked up to it (I have to admit I was more than necessarily gleeful about this). The second did a very slo mo collapse – gracefully. Then we did the “how do you solve a problem like Maria” exercise and what completely blew EVERYBODY away at the end of it was how everybody more or less agreed on what should happen to make things better in the department. There were variations, and more or less creativity, but the basic ideas were all there in all the breakout sessions. I was impressed as hell, frankly. My teammates are all pretty nice people, and they all collectively are pretty smart, too. So I guess I am justified in calling it an excellent trip.


2019 sez do you not find it amusing that I nowhere mention I played the CD I recorded with Gord for Garlen, my commute-mate?  La la.

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