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The sermon I gave yesterday which I posted went reasonably well. I handed in my overdue church library books, handed back the Welcoming Congregation materials I got from Mary (and gave her a little Beacon for aesthetics) hung around long enough at the craft fair to sell the two batches of biscotti I made two days ago, and went home.

When am I going to post a cute animal picture? Now. Anyway, I had this really long, really weird dream. Me and Paul and Kate and Keith were walking along a boardwalk in the middle of a swampy, rocky area. Kenora-ish. I see a dirty great grizzly bear coming towards us, partially obscured by what’s covering part of the boardwalk, and I say, let’s hightail it off the boardwalk, so we scoot up to the top of an observation deck that is on top of what looks like a hobbit hole crossed with a beaver dam.

Once at the top, the bear transforms in a matter of two seconds to the biggest damned timber wolf I’ve ever seen, and casually turns around and starts loping the other way. That more than anything else convinced me I had seen a shapeshifter – I could get the colour and the size wrong, but not the gait. It rolled like a bear coming towards me and loped like a wolf running away. My family is laughing at me and telling me I can’t tell the difference. They are looking at all kinds of things from the board walk, but I don’t take my eyes off the wolf. It lollops along for about a quarter k, and then the boardwalk T’s. A man, a very tall man dressed in brown, is waiting for the wolf at the intersection. The wolf does the playful dog thing with the man, running around, its body posture friendly and happy and not at all threatening. Then the wolf rears up on his hind legs, turns into a man, turns around and walks away. I screech – the wolf just turned into a man!!! and my family laughs even harder. First a bear, then a wolf, then a man, they say.

We go into the beaver dam and Doug and LE are cooking us lunch, which is salisbury steak and watermelon. (Let them’s got eyes understand.)

Their little house turns into a university professor’s office, and I’m pulling down English Arabic dictionaries and pretending to understand Arabic. Then this guy comes in wanting to rent a room, and right away I know he is a bad ‘un. The university prof, a tubby middle aged fellow sighs and says, well, everything he said on the application is a lie. He’s actually homeless right now. Then I went to a bakery, and Madonna was there buying bread with her youngest kid. Then I’m back on the boardwalk in the middle of the rocks and the swamp and I see this weird looking guy and a couple of other guys, and I say, you look pretty weird and he says that’s because I’m part Labrador and part shepherd and then he and his friends start laughing and I don’t know why, so I ask, and he says, my parents were from Labrador and Germany. I have no idea why this was funny, so I back away and run into brother Jerome. Jerome is like, bald and heading on for being middle aged although he’s still fairly slender (crap, that WAS a shock, seeing him with no hair) and he’s pushing a baby carriage (like wtf?) and has a slender dark little wife who’s very cute and the two of them are looking quite pleased with themselves as I strongly recollect being when Keith was that age, and he shows off the baby and I go “nice”, and then I decide I’m going to jump off the boardwalk and onto the grass on the other side, up a hill, and I look in the water, and lampreys are kissing in the clear water (you know, little sucker mouth to mouth) and just as I’m about to jump, a voice behind me says, “The grass is full of parasites and there’s nothing to see, stay put”. And then I woke up. There was something I missed in there about special multicoloured lightbulbs at Doug and LE’s place, but other than that, that’s about the dream.

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