Hair today
2005-01-10— Posted by: allegra

Brother James in Ottawa responds, with no trace of irony, sarcasm or derision, “My hair stands straight up.”

enough sleep
2005-01-10— Posted by: allegra

Paul worked his first afternoon shift in about ten years yesterday. Katie and I went to see Brad Bird’s first movie the Iron Giant, and I was very favourably impressed, if only because the script was orders of magnitude better than animation scripts usually are. Sure wish the last ninety seconds of the movie didn’t COMPLETELY ruin things for me. Spoiler! but I’m sorry, if you hug a nuke, you don’t get to reassemble yourself afterwards and if there were, by chance, anything left over, it would be hotter than Chernobyl and it would NOT be given to a small child. Then I came home and was subjected to second season of Ghost in the Shell Standalone Complex and then Last Exiles and then Keith flung on a Fistful of Dollars, so it was a pretty media oriented day. I had never seen Fistful of Dollars. The movie is great when Clint is on screen and verbs the galactic moose the rest of the time.

I sleep way better when I take my vitamins, so I am glad I’m back on that regimen.

Keith wants to register for Japanese; it’s like he keeps expecting me to do it for him, so I had to straighten him out on that.

If hair is a sexual signalling device, what does yours say about you?

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