one think & another – you will find this link informative and educational. The whole Alligator in the Sewers story takes on a new complexion when you pull a 400 pound alligator out a waterway in downtown Miami. You have to wonder how many homeless people it ate before they caught it. This link will probably disappear sometime soon so go have a look.

George’s memorial service was absolutely wonderful, and it feels really strange to know that somebody at Beacon congregation fought against the Anschluss and had to flee Austria way back when. We sang Die Gedanken Sind Frei – which is a Unitarian hymn, by the way. I think it was on a Limelighters album which my folks had – I remember being so pleased and startled the first time we sang it in church. The German speaking guys all used to stand at the back of the church and sing it in the original German while trying to drown the rest of us out. Happy memory.

My heart leapt up when I realized that my Monkees album still exists, and then my heart crashed when the ******** turntable drive belt which I JUST BOUGHT turns out to be suboptimal in performance. Take wow the wow last wow train wow to wow Clarksburg wow indeed.

There is one song on Encore, the new Eminem album, which I cannot get out of my head, but I think that’s the general idea. Seeing as how some of the lyrics run, “Every time I think about you, I puke” I’m almost inclined to try running the Barney song in my head as a substitute. On the other hand, Katie could not believe, when she played it for me and John, that we actually liked it. Maybe like is the wrong word. Maybe, identified with. After all, there are a lot of people in this world that I should be trying to feel compassionate for, but they just wanna make me hurl. I am a dead loss as an enlightened human being, but I’m okay with that.

Today I am going to do my homework and prep for my next writing class. And do laundry. The Neverending Story.

Got an interesting book from my folks’ place called the Skeptical Feminist. It was worth picking up just for the title.

Also reading a novel, the Navigator of New York. It starts slow but I’m finding it really compelling reading.

Paul does his first evening shift today, so he won’t actually be here for supper, which is roast pork. I am thinking of inviting the non bf for supper, and if he doesn’t want to come, somebody else, but I’m wracking my brains who else I can invite over without having to clean anything. I mean, except the kitchen and the bathroom, you don’t want people to be scared to use the john, or concerned about ptomaine and giardia and e. coli and salmonella and suchlike.

Don’t I just sound like Susie Housekeeping.

Now the kids are working their way through Babylon 5 and Paul said, (this comment deleted)(plaintive) “I prefer Buffy.” Yes dear, but we ran out of Buffy. This line deleted because nobody wants to hear about our shopping trip last night, although I suppose it could be comedy material.

Katie says School sucks the fun out of everything. She doesn’t know how lucky she is. Keith is reading Dana Stabelow, John’s running sound at church, and the yard is a peaceful winter wonderland – apparently the white stuff is going to hang around for at least a week. May you enjoy a Sunday of recounting your mixed blessings. Pic is random. From Phyllis’ apartment in London, circa 2001

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