burning man learnings

2005-03-13— Posted by: allegra

I am reviewing events of the past 24 hours to post and not finding many… lots of events, nothing I can post.

Paul is feeling better, and that means I am too.

All the members of my household, with the possible exception of Pokey, who has taken to attacking people a la psycho kitty, appear to be in good shape. And I’m not sure there is much wrong with Pokey, I think it’s fleas and boredom, personally, both of which John is dealing with.

I had to vamp into the Drama Queen yesterday to get Paul to buy mattresses, but buy them we did, and my back this morning feels okay for the first time in months. The kids got new mattresses too, and I’m very happy about that as we promised them new ones ages ago.

White feathers look cool under blacklight, and my teeth under blacklight look extremely weird because of the matching caps on two front teeth. I’m scared to step on the scale… I drank a lot of beer yesterday.

Jerome is marvellous as always and Cam showed me his equipment… ha ha, it’s a power set up he had for Burning Man, and then he showed us some of the pix he DIDN’T post for Burning Man. There was one series of pictures, and he will remember which one, which was utterly hilarious and very much unsuitable for publication in a family oriented blog, although not by much. Katie watched the slide show with her eyes ‘near out of her head and declared that she wanted to go. I dunno if I could take the heat, and the dust is a killer. And Cam had a site map of Burning Man, a damned big laminated poster. (I know, I’m a weenie, but I freaking love maps.)

He volunteered so I suspect he got some swag that the tourists don’t get. Cam says that it’s definitely a family event provided you can deal with nudity; I’ve had customers tell me (in the course of conversations about other things) that they’d hack off their feet before they took people under 18. Cam is closer and I’d trust his judgement over many other people’s. I go for what Cam says. The street Jerome lives on has the MOST AMAZING cherry blossom display in Vancouver. They are ornamentals, obviously, but they are the double blossom, can’t see the branches for the blossom, white-to-pink ones, and they just vibrated in the afternoon sun yesterday.

Later today I record. Me happy.