From Brother James in Ottawa:

The Blog must go on!!!! SAVE THE BLOG!!! Even though the thought of you hanging around your house naked with people I only know by first name is a bit disturbing to me� It serves it purpose.

With such a ringing endorsement, what else can I do??? I was waiting for ONE other human being (besides my mother, who technically doesn’t count because she is a goddess) to ask me to save it. I guess I was having a bad day, not helped by getting laterally back-forthed and bitchslapped by a tag team of Paul and Katie.

Keith went to see the Aviator on the big screen, by himself, last night, and loved it. Seeing as how he’s an immense Cate Blanchett fan, and he likes movie making, airplanes, and forties fashion, you can see his point. He also said that he identified with the lead character, at which point I thought a number of things which I ain’t posting.