Ay Yi love poems

Not much to report today. Weather mixed sun and cloud, high of 11. I desperately need a shoulder rub, but I don’t imagine I’ll get one anytime soon.

Paul seemed quite cheerful on the phone just now. Last night I re-read him a love poem I wrote for him on New Year’s Day five years ago and that seemed to make him feel better. Katie asked me to forward it to her, which seemed like high praise. Then I read her most of the rest of my best love poems and she seemed to enjoy those, too. I am a fool for love, but in the words of the troubadour, I want pity from no man for a pain I would not trade for anything.

Speaking o foolishness, still trying to figure out what to do for an April Fool’s joke at work; apart from taking in the mandolin and walking around the company in a jester’s cap singing rude couplets extemporaneously nothing has a lot of appeal.

I promised Keith I’d be off by now, so bye all.