2005-03-21— Posted by: allegra

Effective immediately, blog operations are suspended. I might as well just be sending a daily email to three people anyway.

It’s been fun. I’ve got the domain for another year and may do something else with it than blog.

enough sleep
2005-03-21— Posted by: allegra

Nothing much to report here. Survived another weekend; kids off to school (during March break, alas!) to get their Food Safe Certificates so they can get summer jobs. Turns out the commute to Cap College isn’t that bad, only about an hour. I don’t know whether I’m working on that flu that Keith had or I just overslept (I actually got more than 8 hours total yesterday, with the afternoon nap). Sang and played at Tom and Peggy’s yesterday evening and had fun as always. That 12 string Larrivee sure sounds good when Paul plays it. Zeek! is being a righteous pain in the ass; he is being much suckier than normal and since he has zero claw control it ain’t much fun. The Sea to Sky Highway was closed the first weekend of March break due to a mudslide. The ski folks in Whistler must be ripping their hair out. Noam Chomsky’s study is a mess, with pictures of grandchildren perched on top. Pokey seems not to be a psycho kitty any more, which is a relief. Some drunk on an airplane started yelling and came to the attention of a rugby team, who chivalrously took over from the flight attendants…. At some point he quit breathing and the medics failed to revive him once he got on the ground. My advice is don’t drink on airplanes. Hey mom, remember when you could knit on airplanes? Pic (sorry about the quality) is of a portion of a double rainbow which appeared at sunset yesterday.