walking my feets back home

armageddon tired of this
2005-03-14— Posted by: allegra

I came home last night from singing and playing over at Tom and Peggy’s, and the Pachelbel Canon was playing, and Katie had changed the cat litter. This meant I could vault up the stairs with the Angel first season (borrowed from Brooke) and say look whut I brung ya, which prompted squeals of joy from Number 1 daughter.

I can’t really say anything else about what’s going on in my life, partly because it would be mean, and partly because I’m hoping that I’ll quit choking on other people’s stupid emotions. Hullllooooo? The most important thing about human beings is not their reason, but their passion, for it is the passion that makes them choose how to employ their reason…..sometimes it appears that not much choice is involved. Picture is entitled “Walking my feet back home.”