East Burnaby is very subject to fog; if you look at it, it makes sense.  You can’t see the Fraser in this map but it’s due south, about 2 klicks and about a 140 metre drop down the hill.  The hills in New Westminster are pretty dramatic.

The contours hold the fog as it creeps up from the Fraser.  You couldn’t see across the alleyway at 7 this morning; now it’s twenty after 8 and the fog has crept down the hill; it’s a dayfull of glorious sunshine (and everything covered in rime.)

I read to Paul and the kids last night from my pOp’s letters to his parents; it was hilarious how my father didn’t think I beat my children enough.  However his descriptions of the children’s psychomotor development left me whooping with hysterics and Katie’s comment was, “See, See!!!! I was put on earth to destroy things.”  Ah, me own widdle nihilist.
Watched the latest rev of Pride and Prejudice last night.  It was pleasant – having recently re-read it – to be able to tell the folks which of the amazing lines of dialogue were straight from the book and which weren’t.

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