Off for a massage and I surely need one

Don’t you wish he’d been your teacher?

If you don’t want a teacher, go here.

The West Coast School of Massage has inexpensive massages as part of the practicum work. I have a 9 am appointment so I’m going to have a shower (and a good thing, too…) and then somebody is going to put warm rocks on me. mOm says she had one of those and it wasn’t anything special, but to me it sounds like an incredible idea. Katie had one and it was much appreciated.

Speaking of Katie, she’s back with Daxus. Keith, Dr Filk and I all tried to intervene, and she spent 20 minutes listening to why she should not go, like, “He tried to kill you last November, remember?” but she loves him, and off she goes. So, if she gets into the newspapers in an obituary kinda way, I don’t want to hear anything about how I should have done more to stop her; I’m already stressing pretty hard on this. When people are quite cheerful about how they are making a bad decision, what do you do? Dr. Filk said, “You’ll be sorry!” and Katie said, “I’m already sorry,” and then Dr. Filk said, “You’ll be sorrier!” and she said, “I know”. Daxus doesn’t read my blog, thank god, and if he did, he’d just tell me to mind my own business, which is what he’s done any time I’ve called him on his bad behaviour. Paul said that he’s toying with us, but I’m not sure he gives us any thought at all, good or bad.

As soon as I can actually move and bend again (the charley horse is better but I’m still moving like, in the lovely Blackadder phrase, an asthmatic ant with some heavy shopping) I’ll be packing some more. I’m hoping to be out of here April 1st and even if I’m still here I need to dejunk in the worst way. What remains to be determined is how many of my housemates are coming with. Many things are not clear at the moment.

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