Thinking Rock

As you can imagine, I have a ship pile of work to do to get myself successfully launched in my new life.  I have been kicking the tires on organizing software, and I think, thanks to, I have finally found what I’m looking for:  Thinking Rock.

I’ve been messing with it for about an hour, and I have to say that I’m already really enjoying the power and flexibility.  You do need the most recent rev of Java to use it.

Now I know that those of my rel-eo-tives who have a getting-things-done software chip embedded in their skulls, and yes I mean you GoToGirl and Nautilus3 and Tammy too, will be laughing at me trying to find software to help me as I meep meep my way through this tangle of to-dos, but I say if the technology is there, use it.  I’ve now downloaded seven different kinds of GTD software and this is the first one I’ve liked. Not that a recommendation from me means dick-all, but  there you go.

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  1. I’m mulling your imagery of the getting-things-done chip in my brain. I THINK it might be a compliment. So thank you. If it is indeed there, I think it’s running down. I still multitask, but at a slower pace. Article in a SA Special on the mind flashed me an insight today – you can multitask successfully only when the two (or more) tasks use different parts of your brain. I think that explains why I can knit and do anything else that doesn’t require my hands. Different parts in use. And why you can’t – I can’t – nobody can DRIVE and do anything else – successfully. Driving requires all parts.

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