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Buffy the Vampire Slayer valentines cards for a buck a pop???? Can such things be????  I have since heavily modified my valentines day list, although I still have a hundred of the blessed things to print out this weekend.

My travel derangements are now set; I’m arriving in TO on the redeye Thursday morning, and then I’m going to hang with some early risers, and then go hang with some not so early risers, and then I’m going to… joy of joys…. hang with the most excellent poet Dave Dowker and my buddy Sandy (aka Chipper on this blog).  You have NO NOTION how much I am looking for’ard to that.

I have sung my scurrilous new song to a variety of people, most of whom found it entertaining.

When Paul took Keith and I to the Chong Lum Hin the other night, Sue the proprietress and her husband fed us traditional Chinese soup … not the menu stuff, but incredibly medicinal soup. I only had a teacup’s worth of broth but it was so loaded with vitamins that I could feel my consciousness shifting.  Also they gave me pea greens with garlic, which is really yummy.  The soup is traditionally given to women who have just given birth, and they laughed their asses off when I innocently asked, “Who had a baby?”

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