Everybody tidy up

The painting – except for the trim / doors – is finished, and now we have to get every stick of furniture out of the house preparatory to the carpet going down on Monday.  Katie is going to show up around supper time and she and I will go out for fish and chips with Mike (or such is the current plan).  Then Kate will head back to the inlaws and I will head home, hopefully to do some serious revision on the homily for next week.

I light a candle for a workmate who is sad right now.  I light a candle for my boss’s son’s safe return home from his bout in hospital.  I light a candle for the workmate who was burned out of her home.  I light a candle of joy for Keith, who had a workshop session with the stellar Atsuko Wakai last night, four time Kata World Champion in Karate – not an easy gig for a woman as you might imagine.  I light a candle for the rapid departure of Peggy’s cold.

As for the rest, I guess I’d better just shut up now.