Inertnests not running until now.  I didn’t even know if my previous post got uploaded until now.  Trim almost finished.  Order of service in the can for Sunday.  Have obtained a line on an apartment for May 1 but have not passed the credit and reference check as yet.  I did a lot of weeding and hacking this morning and the beds and yard are more presentable (also removed quite a bit of the normal garbage that blows into your yard when you’re on the end of an alleyway).

Tomorrow, detailing the house.  Ack.

inertnests weirdness

We’re running bareback —- no router…. or is that commando?  I can ne’er tell.  Anyway, the only way we can get the internet to work is without the router.  As Lady Miss Banjola remarked, welcome to malware land, population, you.

I have tons of news, most of it not fit for public consumption, alas, but I guess I can say that there will actually be bonuses at work this year.  I think mine will come to just enough for one really fun bender, but hey, it’s all in the game. I associate work with alcohol, or at least the requirement for same.
Katie and I are off to Ikea to purchase the bed hardware that got lost when the bed was taken down.   Pic is of my brother’s house.  He’s coming to visit soon so I am thinking of him and I miss him more because I know he’s coming.  Does that make sense?