Bad day at the Augur Inn

I didn’t exactly cry my body weight yesterday, but very close.

Today my vision is very blurry.

My feelings of sadness, failure and rejection loom large right now.  Paul and I went for a walk late last night and halfway through the walk he – unwittingly – picked a seat where I could see my new apartment building.  I guess I’ll let the coincidence speak for itself. 

I phoned Sandy yesterday looking for sympathy, and her response was a brusque, “Well, what did you expect?”  That too speaks volumes.

Odd experience

I have blogged at other times about pornography, and have mentioned in my self description that I am a pro porn feminist. Last night I had the opportunity to view some Czech ‘home-made’ porn from a co-op swingers club where the members raise money for the club by selling home made porn (made on-site), which seems quite amusingly recursive.

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Slow site

I had a helluvatime logging on this morning. You may find the site slow.
Yesterday I emailed one of my colleagues with “Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t quit.” Within thirty seconds (I do not exaggerate) he emailed back “Cause I love ya.” He literally prevented me from getting up and walking out, and yes, that was the desired response. The confluence of interesting and difficult work and interesting and difficult domestic life kinda got to me, I guess; anyway, I’ll let him remain anomalous but I’d like to record his response with my heartfelt thanks.

Also, about half way through the afternoon Paul showed up with both the kids, and that kinda put the heart back into me because I hadn’t seen Katie in most of a week.

This morning, I have packed my clothes except for what I will be wearing for the next five days, I am almost done the kitchen stuff and I have started on the bathroom stuff. Later today I will head out to the garage and start slinging my boxes into a more reasonable pile for the movers, which will also have the result of making some of the stuff we hope to sell on Craigslist a little more accessible.

Dr. Filk will have his old boss’s truck to move to Victoria in (I cannot belIEVE that ‘the thing that would not die’, as we refer to the John’s Jukes truck, is still extant) but he will also be using it for a Village de Valeur run, so much more useful but surplus-to-requirements items will fly out of here today.

Back from the lawyer

Being married is not the same as living common law.  I got quite a shock talking to the lawyer last night.  We don’t have community property – we exit with what we came in with – but we jointly own the house and our debts.  We’re pretty much done the separation agreement.  But 3 grand for a retainer?  Zow.

Booked the movers

As things stand, I should be moved in by about 9 pm on Tuesday the 1st.  I fired off an email to folks who might have any interest in knowing where I’ll be living, and will follow up with the non-email people later this week.

My next vacation days are in June, and I don’t think they’ll get here fast enough.  I wonder if the Muse will be kind and come for a visit.  Although I can never schedule her… occasionally she shows up in the summer but she’s more likely to show up in November and early spring.
I have also asked for a couple of days off this month and next as vacation days so I can be trained for Emergency Social Services (response to people who’ve been through disasters – in Burnaby that’s been two humongous apartment fires, in one case 80 people were out on the street and needed shelter).  I’ve been meaning to do it for ages, seeing as how I’m not doing any volunteer work and it is something that I’m interested in.

Hope everybody has a loverly day.