Sea Dragon!

The title of this post is a joke…. it’s the name of the first game my brother ever hacked.   It had >>>gasp<<< sound, and ran on an Apple II.  But THIS picture is not a joke.  Purty.

If the two apartments I saw yesterday were a joke, they were a really lousy one.  The first apartment’s environs stank of ill-use and poverty – although the apt itself wasn’t so bad -and there was a horrible gas furnace right in the middle of the apartment for heat – essentially meaning that the bedrooms would be freezing in the wintertime.  Pass. 

Serendipitously there was another sign up saying Apartments Available a couple of blocks away, and when I viewed THAT apartment the stench of rotting garbage (chicken bones and meat, I think) could be appreciated through the door.  My viewing was brief and to the point.

Keith tried to make the first appointment but he came off his bike and trashed it.  He was not seriously injured.  No sign of Katie.

The last coat of paint goes on my room, and then we bid farewell to Unca Dave tomorrow midday and then Hello Carpet Layers on Monday.  Which means we’ll be camping out in our own house, as we can’t move any furniture back in until all the carpet is down. 

The new light fixtures, wall sockets and light switches look def triff.