2 thoughts on “Brother Jim suits up for work”

  1. There might be a market for this get-up in the interior of Algonguin Park as protection from bugs and really big bears? I wonder how heavy it is?

  2. Between 75 and 100 pounds… sorry, I don’t do metric unless beaten about the head and shoulders. I would rather be wearing this than civvies if a bear I should meet, but this is actually a bomb suit, and there are differences, if I understand things right, in the physical properties between bomb suits and bear suits. A bomb going off is sudden onset across a broad area and a bear suit has to be able to deal with the point loading of bear teeth and claws. You still want a) Kevlar and carbon fibre and b) distance between you and either a bear OR a bomb though. The helmet material is super trick. Imagine what it takes to make something a) clear b) light (relatively speaking, Brother Jim says the gosh darned helmet weighs a ton) and c) shrapnel proof.

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