Bad day at the Augur Inn

I didn’t exactly cry my body weight yesterday, but very close.

Today my vision is very blurry.

My feelings of sadness, failure and rejection loom large right now.  Paul and I went for a walk late last night and halfway through the walk he – unwittingly – picked a seat where I could see my new apartment building.  I guess I’ll let the coincidence speak for itself. 

I phoned Sandy yesterday looking for sympathy, and her response was a brusque, “Well, what did you expect?”  That too speaks volumes.

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3 thoughts on “Bad day at the Augur Inn”

  1. As my favourite newspaper masthead ever so eloquently states: Illegitimus non carborundum.

    (The Whitehorse Star is the paper, and their reporter bylines start with *Star Reporter*. The colourful five percent, indeed.)

    I’m available all week.

  2. When things were coming close to the end with Spence, a friend of mine told me “Separating and starting a new life will be the hardest thing you have ever done”. She was right. It was also the best thing — starting all over again made me stronger, wiser with an improved sense of self. I know your journey will also take you to a good place.

  3. I’ll email all of you off line. Unfortunately my comments are too inflammatory to post and little ‘friends have big ears. As for me going to a good place, I’ll have to let you know how noisy the neighbours are….!

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