Dr. Filk Posts an Ad

Dr. Filk posted an ad for a BMW bike on Craigslist yesterday, used the household phone number, and then messed off for the afternoon.  He apparently doesn’t believe me when I told him that the phone rang off the wall; he could always check with Keith, who would be happy to corroborate.  It only remains to be added that the phone rang at 7:30 this morning about the ad.  Although it would have been extremely enjoyable to dance cheerfully into his bedroom with the phone in my hand, to announce in thrilling tones, “Phone for you, darling!” I politely told the guy to email back.

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3 thoughts on “Dr. Filk Posts an Ad”

  1. Inserts words you used to describe Spence. Jim keeps asking me “what was that that Allegra said about Spence?”. He laughs at that gem and says “that Allegra is a genius!”

  2. Your forbearance with respect to Dr. Filk’s 0730 call is astonishing, all things considered.

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