Feast of Fools….

This went over reasonably well.  Hope this isn’t a double post….

I will be posting the sermon in the sermons section as soon as the internet access allows.

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One thought on “Feast of Fools….”

  1. THIS WENT OVER REASONABLY WELL??? (Yes, I’m shouting. Now calming down.) Allegra’s sermon was fabulous. An aside – the children of the congregation had departed earlier, all except a toddler-in-arms. Allegra had the nous to warn the mother about the impending scream – which shook the rafters. In a delivery which generated continuous laughter with uproarious bursts for the first five minutes, she concluded with a story about a Sufi holy man which has me still pondering its many levels of meaning. Her Feast-of-Fools costume was challenging to the rods and cones. The Tapioca Song was part of the proceedings. Have the words been posted here? I don’t recall. If not, they should be. I had heard the song before, but never with orchestral accompaniment. And I was privileged to attend the rehearsal, at the aforementioned salmon dinner. I had a fine time in the Big City, and predictably ate too much.

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