Many thanks to Lady Miss Banjola

… for pointing out that we have to give Dr. Filk two months’ notice.  We will of course abide by the law, and if the house closes quickly it may all be moot.
Paul has made the comment that he’s finding looking for alternate accommodations difficult.

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2 thoughts on “Many thanks to Lady Miss Banjola”

  1. I was struggling to figure out what kind of extraordinary damage he might have caused to be getting a 1 month eviction and I’m glad to hear the answer is “none.” I was having flashbacks to my days answering the Alberta Landlord & Tenant Information Hotline. (“Hi, my tenant set fire to the mobile home I rent him. What now?” “Uhh… run?”)

    I have to say I don’t envy your returning to the land of being a tenant. I did a little happy dance about never having a landlord again when we bought this place.

    I hope everyone lands in living arrangements congenial to them once all the dust settles.

  2. Hm. Well, his cats – all of them – have done about $500 bucks worth of damage to the suite, and since we never did collect a damage deposit from him, we’re out the money. Some of the damage has already been remediated and paid for. Dr. Filk takes his Scots heritage very, very seriously, so Paul and I laughed off the notion of asking him to cough up some damage money…. and if he’s not afraid of the Canuckistani government, he’s not likely to take anybody he could snap in half too too serious. And as he might point out, what difference does it make when the house is just going to get knocked down? At least the neighbours got the plum tree…..

    W/R/T the congenial living arrangements, I am contemplating with placid amusement the prospect of Paul and Dr. Filk ever sharing a kitchen and bathroom again. This sentence deleted. The sentence after that, too. Stay tuna’d!

    I have very reluctantly agreed to take Zeek! I do not want him to become an indoor cat, and I suresf=ck don’t want to pay a $500 damage deposit for his presence in my life especially when it means I can’t host a Spit….. but Paul agreed to my counterproposal, so I’ll get him when the house closes.

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