Movies r us

Paul called to say he was safely on the ground in SF, which is prob’ly the last I’ll hear of him until Tuesday evening.

We WATCHED MOVIES.  Highly recommended, although violent and weird in spots, is Tsotsi

Even more highly recommended is Broken Trail – If you have ANY interest in Westerns this is a TV production you cannot afford to miss.  ALSO if you are a Firefly fan, it’s like the guys who wrote the soundtrack sat at Greg Edmundson’s feet to get the Chinese/Western crossover thing pitch perfect – that was an unexpected bonus.  The scenery is so gorgeous, and the script and acting so good, and the details…. And Robert Duvall is just plain AMAZING.  Gun enthusiasts will be pleased by the accurate use of period guns.  Horse enthusiasts will be interested…. Persons interested in history will be interested… and the bad guys GET THEIRS yeehaw. I have every intention of watching this again, but seeing as how Jeff brought 20 movies with him, it won’t be on this pass.

Now, off to the Big 6 for brekkie.

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  1. I think you must be feeling better. The shade of Loki has retreated. This is GOOD, Herr Lindemann. Tell Jeff I want to see that list of movies. Surely we have SOME overlapping tastes, and wasn’t it he who put us on to Russian Ark?

  2. Very glad to hear you passed the evening with some enjoyment. I was going to e-mail you, but since you are talking about movies, I wanted to recommend a movie we watched last night “an inconvenient truth — a global warning” with Al Gore. Al Gore is no “C-student from Yale” (as stated by Kurt Vonnegut “Bush surrounds himself with upper-crust C-students”). I found the movie enjoyable to watch, informative and I think Mr. Gore delivered his information in such a way that more people will come to understand the seriousness of global warming.

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