Bad news

Dr. Filk was laid off yesterday.  He was laid off without his supervisor being informed, if you can credit it.

I am home sick from work.  I can’t even talk without squeaking and my eyes feel like they are swollen shut.

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4 thoughts on “Bad news”

  1. Gack! An Okeefenokee expression, in case you don’t recall. In view of the Holmes Life Change Stress Scale, your illness is unsurprising. You are probably off the chart on stress points. Push fluids, stay inactive, play the mandolin a little. That’s my prescription. Any word on how long Dr. Filk’s layoff is likely to be?

    I make it 347 on the Holmes Scale for you, meaning HIGH PROBABILITY of illness. And here you are. And the Holmes sites’ recommendations for stress management probably aren’t going to do you a lot of good – at least until you’re in your own place…

  2. Please advise if I can be of assistance in any way. For whatever. Illness related or otherwise. I can bring chocolate.

  3. I’m so sorry you’re feeling under the weather. I wish I was closer so I could bring you some homemade (from scratch) chicken (organic) soup. Hopefully, there are other friends who are close and can drop by some comfort/get well food.

  4. Jeff’s here – I gots family! I’m at the coughing up green slime and sounding like I’m on helium stage, though, as Rob of Nine remarked when I called him at work to share with him how funny my voice sounds.

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