I woke up at 4:21

and now I’m watching “Walk the Line”.  Tonight I’m going with Keith to see “3:10 to Yuma”.  Kind of a Mangold festival.

Ooooh that’s good coffee I made.  Yarr!

Tomorrow, rehearsal for Sunday church.  I’ll see if I can avoid walking out this Sunday – I was most distressed last Sunday.

Keith lost his phone.  This is a message to the karmic beings – kick the ass of the little sod who picked it up and then started harassing everybody on the phone list!!! Got hold of Paul who killed the phone stone dead within instants, thank Goodness.

My apartment is SHINY CLEAN except I gotta take out the trash.

Daughter Katie’s best friend from high school moved back to town.  I detect the possibility of roommatishness.

The Secret Policeman’s Other Camping Trip is now scheduled for the 22nd of September.  I is SO TEMPTED to invite the CEO but that would likely crimp the connections of the other invitees, so I’ll just think about it really hard.  This time I would buy the beer….

Just noticed that the bassist in Walk the Line is the same guy who played the jock in Buffy.

More coffee.

I think I will serenade one of my coworkers today.  Peter A said he would be very happy to accept my serenade, but I told him:

Mandos are LOUD instruments… well they are, for their size.  And no work will get done while I am singing to which his response was to purse his lips and raise one eyebrow, something he does so well he really should get paid extra for it.  Anyway, if I actually do sing to him it will be “Buy me a Beer” aka “The Cougar’s Love Call”.
RobofNine and I ate at the Himalaya last night.  Umm, umm, yum.

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