5 thoughts on “It’s in his kiss… more news from the hatching, matching and despatching front”

  1. A lotta guys don’t like kissing. Maybe if they thought of it more in terms of alchemy? Guys like being able to Make Things Happen, and if they quit thinking about kissing in terms of “doing what the girl wants” and more about “it makes it easier to get lucky” they might pucker up & whistle a different tune.

  2. Most (not all) guys that I’ve dated seemed to like kissing or maybe they were just really good actors??

  3. My first boyfriend was a really good kisser AND basically I am the kind of girl that is looking for a good amount of security in a relationship. SO maybe while my ex-boyfriends were waiting for me to move to the next step, they thought they’d make the most of kissing. Neither my first nor my second husband are especially interested in kissing — Jim does it to make me happy. Therefore, I won’t ask him to weigh in on kissing. From the article you posted, I now know I’m not alone!!

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