Yippee! My site’s up again

I’ll probably never find out what happened, but 30 hours of downtime was a bit much, and I’ll be looking for a local host. I’ve been posting to my secret free blog instead. I’ve been having a jam-packed vacation; this is the best time off I’ve had since my flying visit to Toronto in February, and DEFinitely more productive. Now if I could just get going on my projects… ;).

I am surfing less internet and watching more movies. I think this is an improvement. I have now seen Zou Zou and Red Shoes in the last 24 hours; next up is King of Jazz.

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2 thoughts on “Yippee! My site’s up again”

  1. Can’t tell you how disconcerting it was not to be able to access your blog for two mornings. Threw my days right off.

  2. Well, I wasn’t too pleased, but I just went and posted to LJ instead. I figured it was either something I could fix, or it was something I couldn’t fix, and I’d give it a couple of days to resolve, and then I’d start moving the blog elsewhere. Which reminds me, I have to talk to Maggie about contingencies for precisely that.

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