mOm came through the surgery

The difficulties continue, but with love and science, she will overcome them.

The separation agreement is signed.

My work buddy Mike also came through his surgery well.

I’m having a little difficulty concentrating.

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8 thoughts on “mOm came through the surgery”

  1. Love & science, what CAN’T they do! Well, bend spoons with their minds, I guess. Yay for the mOm!

  2. I thank you both.

    LMB: must admit I’m particularly happy with the love and science line. Now, if you can write a song called Love and Science (what can’t they do?) you will secure your place in 21st century filk with authority.

    starkg: Virtual hugs.

  3. Well, She wanted to come home last night, but I think that was just the morphine talking. Hopefully today.

  4. Sometimes you just have to let the morphine talk. My brother’s amazing turnaround (near death one week, cooking and entertaining the next) was due no small part to excellent pain management.

    And hurrah for love, that’s the other part of the equation. My love to your parental units.

  5. Congratulations to all concerned, but especially Nautilus3 who is obviously one tough lady. Morphine or not, I can tell you I would not be asking to go home, the very same day I had surgery. I guess your Mom wanted to be at home with Loki

  6. What does this mean, your comment is awaiting moderation — is this my chance to catch my typos?? Hahaha!

  7. The trick seems to be to sort out what I CAN control – mainly my own attitude and behaviour – from what I can’t, and apply myself to the former. A lot of it, I think, is hardwired. I was born and will remain a Pollyanna. When first contemplating my diagnosis, and its possible consequence of a severely limited remaining span, my first thought – honestly, the FIRST – was that this would supply me with the motivation to get moving with my many family history projects now languishing largely unattended. Further information reduced the likelihood of my imminent demise and with it the likelihood of getting on with the projects. I will have to find my motivation elsewhere. Drat.

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