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mOm informs me that the BC Cancer Agency protocols continue to grind on; she has seen the surgeon.  There will be surgery, a rest, then radiation.  As she put it wryly, “Well, that about wraps up my fall.”  Indeed.

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3 thoughts on “Mum update”

  1. And here’s the weird part. Some of Allegra’s regular readers may not know of my insufferable Pollyannaism. Considering the possibility of a limited life span I FOUND SOMETHING GOOD ABOUT IT!! The good I found was that this would motivate me to get off my duff and finish up my family history projects. But no, it is not to be, so I will have to find motivation elsewhere. Heavy sigh.

  2. I think if you lived forever and gave up family history Loki would think you were perfect!!! Okay, he thinks you’re perfect already…. but you know what I mean.

  3. I’m thinking it’s like my own Mom. She pores over her family photographs for hours and hours and hours …. We all benefit, because everyone has beautiful family pictures that no professional would take the time to produce. She can even get good pictures of the non-photogenic members of our family including ME. Jenn, blast her anyway, would present the opposite challenge — it is impossible to get a bad picture of her!

    And, my Dad also thinks the world of my Mom. We’ll both be sitting at the kitchen window watching Mom come up the walk from her errands and Dad will say “Isn’t she something!” and I just know he’s thinking of the girl he married over 50 years ago.

    Nautilus3, I’m glad you are surrounded by family members that love and adore you. My thoughts are with you too!

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