Off to church

The Masticating Ungulates are playing at church today, so I am going along.  Nobody will hear the mando over the bass and the banjo anyway (YYYYYYAAAAYYYY Lady Miss  Banjola is well enough to perform in public did I say Yay?).  Dr. Filk etcet. will be singing Jack Frost (swoon, it’s a favourite) and we’re going to sing “Absolutely Bonkers”

Rehearsal yesterday was fun and it sure was good to sing with Dr. Filk again.  I gave him a tip about writing Buffy filk (go to the canon and search on your character, and let the dialogue from the show write the lyrics!!) so I imagine his Anya tune will now come together much faster.  Although I didn’t apologize for the shit I’ve written about him on my blog, (Allegra sample lyric – I never say I’m sorry, I can’t make it convincing enough) I did take the worst of it down so anybody wandering across it for the first time won’t see it.  Lieber Gott…. look at the time, I’ve got a bus to catch.

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4 thoughts on “Off to church”

  1. You know that if Lady Miss Banjola’s banjo is overpowering your mando you could always tell her to put a sock in it, a la Plough.

  2. She very rarely mutes the banjo. It shore sounded purty on Buy me a Beer – I wouldn’t have wanted it quieter.

  3. I don’t like the way muting affects the tone, so I try to pick the banjo with the correct volume – big honking church banjo, lil’ openback banjo, quiet banjola – except lately I’ve been going with “I think I’ll use… the only one I have the arm strength to carry!”

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