Standing still

Tonight I did something I very rarely do.  I watched a movie, by myself, all the way through.

I watched Just Like Heaven, with Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo, and I have to say I enjoyed it.  I told a friend on the phone, “If you’re a straight guy, you should only watch this movie if you think it will give you better odds of getting laid.  Otherwise, you should dodge this movie like a bad karate chop.”

My god, I watched a date movie all the way through and liked it.  I’ll be wearing a tinfoil hat before this phase of my life is through, she opined gloomily.

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2 thoughts on “Standing still”

  1. Well, it is when someone starts wearing tinfoil underwear that you really have to start worrying. I had a couple as clients, including the one that shoplifted a dozen wieners and then ate them as he ran whilst being pursued by the police.

  2. Didn’t you have a client try to run away with a couple of bags of quarters one time? And the cops laughed so hard they couldn’t cuff the guy?

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