Walking around

Tammy and I poked around the campus yesterday, in between light showers of rain. Nothing was open, and there were very few people around.

I had no idea the public art up on the campus was so hideous. I’d post pics, but nobody would thank me. Tammy cooked a wonderful dinner.

Mike was over briefly – I gave him his prezzie – and then he left again without taking it with him. Oh well, he’ll have to come back for it.

I am having a lovely vacation.

Bonnie called yesterday and we had a very nice earflapping; she’s seen HORDES of relatives. She wryly commented that this was a good vacation not to take her spouse on; I bet he was happy to be left behind.

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3 thoughts on “Walking around”

  1. That is a terse way of saying he wouldn’t be caught dead on a relatives-visiting “holiday.” And I have so pitied the husbands (or wives) whose spouses have insisted on being accompanied on that kind of trip that I have never inflicted it on my spouse. If I wanted accompaniment, I found someone of like interests. After a series of unaccompanied-by-spouse family reunions I began to have the feeling that my spouse was regarded by my assembled cousins as a mythical creature created out of my depraved imagination. So, at a recent one I inveigled him to come for two hours of the three day weekend reunion, be introduced, eat the fine potluck, and depart.

    The other day a young couple on their honeymoon trip visited us for the day – first cousins once removed, as if you care. Their trip involved wall-to-wall relative-visiting, both sides. My spouse found the couple delightful, as did I, but he regarded with horror the nature of their honeymoon. A honeymoon spent VISITING RELATIVES??? Horrors Greeley. (Extra points for identifying the reference.)

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