4 thoughts on “Who knew that R Crumb did this many album covers???”

  1. Who knew indeed. And who knew that there were such serious collectors of old vinyl! Well – I guess if there were Weird Tales from the Twenties for less than $500 (and there aren’t) we might be just as much of a puzzle to the people who collect vinyl. Thing about vinyl, though, it’s not FUNCTIONAL. A few playings and it’s dead. Hmm – perhaps there IS a parallel – a lot of the early science fiction magazines are threatening to turn to brown powder due to the high sulphur content in the pulp paper which was used – sulphur plus damp gives sulphuric acid.

  2. Hm. Actually, vinyl stored at the proper temperature and not overplayed is looking better, archivally, than cd’s which are not looking too good for the long haul. And cylinder records – definitely good. Just don’t drop ’em.

    Hey LOKI, can you rip me a copy of Just Blue???? I have been jonesing on that song SO BAD. I want an MP3 of it – I just don’t know how you’d transfer it from the cylinder.

  3. Well, the only way is to put a microphone into the horn of the cylinder player or the fat 78 player whichever form we have it in. As you can imagine the quality won’t be very good. There are record players now available that use a laser rather than a needle to play old records, but as you can imagine they are rather pricey.
    After looking at the Crumb site I wonder if all of those Crumb comics that i have are worth anything.

  4. Check out Ebay, you may be surprised. I have one myself dating from the 80’s – I’m not 100% sure how I acquired it.

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