It’s a beautiful day

It is so gorgeous outside that I feel like I’m having an Out of Weather experience.  This summer sucked, but today is nice.

Anyway – I’m dealing with my internet addiction (wot? Allegra has an inertnests addiccion?) by writing – away from the computer – and practicing mando.  So if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to start a biscotti batch (about time, eh folks?) and then cheese off my neighbours and practice on my balcony.  Okay, just inside the balcony door.
I get to do the Thanksgiving service at church.  That’s less than a month away so more than enough time to get it together.
I still can’t believe how happy I am.   The goofy pic is me and Tam…photo-88.jpg

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4 thoughts on “It’s a beautiful day”

  1. Even if you didn’t get down to the beach today, I am still jealous, because I had to stay inside all day and look at the gorgeous weather while Talking to Stupid People. Except for my trip to the Chevron to pick up some ATF for Beau’s addiction.

  2. Nope, I didn’t get to the beach – I practised mando, etc, and went to visit Peggy briefly. For those not in the know, ATF is transmission fluid, and Beauregard is a somewhat incontinent and soon to be unplated car.

  3. At first I thought ATF stood for Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms. I thought that this Beau chap must be quite a charmer…

  4. That’s all because Kopper’s middle daughter insists that vehicles have names as it makes them behave better. Thinking of this, I dub thee (pointing at Loki’s Hyundai) REG. Because I try, God knows I try, but Reg is still Reg. (This is a line from a British comedy… and I am referring to the fact that Reg is a perfectly serviceable vehicle but beyond words boring, at least to Loki, who is only really happy, vehicularly speaking, when he’s tooling around in the Camaro. Ah…. )

    And then there are the matched scooters Jake and Ingmar… and I can’t remember Juliana’s bike’s name…. is it T’Pau?

    I’m thinking of calling the Prius “Jesus” because there’s never room at the inn – and I’m so proud to be seen in his company, and because I have to share him with a lot of people, but when he’s with me, he’s all mine. And of course naming cars makes sense to YOU Mrs. “I own a car named Jenny Meep Meep”.

    Hm. I could have fun with this. rrrrr. Back to work, the kitchen is a sty after my baking.

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