One for Cousin Gerald

Everybody’s into  maps.

Hey Cousin Gerald, did you ever see Star Man with Jeff Bridges?  The alien in that film is a map maker….  And looping back to earlier posts, that is the movie that the quote, “Weird you want, weird you get!” comes from



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4 thoughts on “One for Cousin Gerald”

  1. Thanks again cous for posting such articles.

    I am all in favor of anything that enhances our geograohic literacy. On the other hand, those who use such Mcmapping applications and then annouce themselves to be map makers makes me cringe somewhat.

  2. I’m cringing right along with you, mainly because of my respect for solid training in ANYTHING. You CAN’T skip over that part and with this mapping utility there is the pretense that you can.

  3. On second thought, anything that increases knowledge of the world is good. Just label it properly – as Gerald suggests.

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