Xmas Antidotes

Funny cards.

The economics of Xmas giving.

Xmas hate – ten reasons to not like it.  Yes, the list is familiar, but there’s a sophomoric venom to it which I quite enjoy.

My ten favourite things about Christmas.

  1. Carols.  Singing them.  I don’t give a shit if I never HEAR another canned Christmas carol, but singing them is a different story.
  2. A string of dark blue incandescent lights along the roof line of a bungalow.
  3. Cooking up the turkey and having everybody go “ah!” when it comes to the table.
  4. Sitting around the homestead looking at old pictures with the family.
  5. Watching the Alastair Sims version of “A Christmas Carol”….  and turning on the TV just at the right time to catch the “Sisters” duet from White Christmas without having to watch the whole movie.
  6. Knowing that I will never again get exactly what I want for Christmas and being fine with that, because the gift part of Christmas really is for little people.
  7. Not having to beat the kids over the head anymore to write thankyou cards.
  8. Making biscotti all through the month of December and treating people at work.
  9. Listening to my father roar with laughter at the weather forecasts elsewhere in Canada.
  10. I always get cool books from Jeff.

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6 thoughts on “Xmas Antidotes”

  1. My favourite thing for Christmas is snow AND right now we have 8 inches and it’s still coming down. These are the really small snowflakes that tend to stick around but accumulate slower. Sometimes I wish I lived in the Rockies where a big dump can be 5 feet deep!!

  2. Debbie, you are one weird lady. Well, either that or *I* am. Watching what was happening up-island on the news last night gave me the kind of adrenalin rush you get when the car has gone out of control and you know you’re going to hit something. This is NOT fun.
    I have managed driving in winter right across Canada. Perhaps I am merely wussish with age.

  3. Nautilus3, I am definately happiest in the Winter. The snow covers the sources of allergens and the cold temperatures freeze them. As you know, there is supposed to be more snow and cooler temperatures this winter. This is a truly a cause for merriment as I imagine the ski hills getting ready for winter fun. I check the web-site http://www.onthesnow.com daily, BUT I guess it will be awhile before all the ski hills start reporting. I will go out in any winter storm with my car if I have to AND I do not worry — good tires, braking system and careful driving equals no accidents! I lived in Toronto for years where sitting on the 401 for hours was the norm — it was then I decided to pull together some good music and enjoy the ride.

  4. Debbie, point taken about snow suppressing allergens. AND – you are truly intrepid driver and have my admiration – but NOT my emulation.

    Kopper, I too love the Sisters duet- the best scene in that movie, Bing Crosby singing White Christmas notwithstanding. But – try Vera-Ellen as the cutie-pie. For Vera Lynn, think White Cliffs of Dover. I expect I am showing my age.

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