So I did work out at Curves down the hill last night, combining it with a quick car booking, a brief and powerful shop, and a sojourn with Kopper.  Some of the machines extended the digitus impudicus at my back, but mostly I worked out and mostly I feel okay this morning. I took 6 methocarbamols yesterday, resulting in my almost complete silence at work… yay! but I think today I will get by on maybe three and maybe tomorrow none. I am maybe not as injured as I feared.
Tonight, Zombies.  Brrrrains.

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One thought on “Stiff.sore.happy”

  1. Dang. I won’t be a-zombie-ing tonight after all. Dances with Sheep is recovering from an ailment of suitable seriousness to put him in hospital over the weekend (ow). His crying off email was sufficiently perky, however, to lead me to believe he’s well on the mend.

    So I will continue the whining trend and say “Dang”. And I’m free this evening! If you’re sitting in front of your computer naked, give me a call! Ooh, I suppose I should add that relatives are not included in this all points bulletin…. No coworkers, either. My standards are low but not absent.

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