Your call cannot be completed as dialled

Ho lee crap!  I can now, hopefully, include genuine telecom sounds in a recording of the song that I’ve tried to name so many times without success that I now refer to it mentally as ‘the telecom song’ (a song, Debbie, that’s so old that I actually lived in the same building with you when I wrote it!!).  It’s also known as “Your call cannot be completed as dialled” and “Words Fail”.

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2 thoughts on “Your call cannot be completed as dialled”

  1. Your song Words Fail brings to mind Strother Martin’s classic quip in Cool Hand Luke: “Whut we have heah is a failuh to communicate…”
    And now you will have the ringtones to go with it. Cool!

  2. Some of the best years of my life were spent in that apartment building. Looking forward to hearing that song.

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