A moose, a moose!

Teri – a person who uses tapioca for comfort food, by all accounts – has graciously presented me via her spouse with a moose.  Taken near Kicking Horse Pass last year.  And the Tapioca Song claims another vic-tim.

Jeff was a busy lad yesterday.  There is now a chain of suitable size and robustness (frankly, as big as the one which restrained Christina Ricci in Black Snake Moan) for the bikes on the back deck and he wrassled with Rogers, all of whose minions appear to have MCDskicking-horse-moose.jpg – Masters of Customer Disillusionment.

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3 thoughts on “A moose, a moose!”

  1. A fine figger of a moose. And thank you for your interpretation of the acronym. Nice not to have to ask.

  2. And why does this picture occupy several screens on your blog via Explorer, and is nicely compact on your blog via Firefox?

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