Yes, yet more moving

Jeepers, you’d think moving a puny little two room apartment wouldn’t take the best part of two weeks, off and on, but Jeff and I hauled out two bags of trash, much recycling and two more boxes tonight (I FINALLY have my soap, my 15 bucks a bar hand milled French soap which represents my one self care gross indulgence – and I got the eggs out the fridge); I packed up about six more boxes in readiness for the truck tomorrow.  Still do not know what we’re going to do about the darned salmon in my freezer. I’m strongly inclined to just thaw them and cook both of them, ta hell with it.
Keith will be coming over tomorrow at 6 to learn “rudiments of cooking”, and then I’ll skate off to the truck rental, pick up Katie and move the rest of the boxes.  It’s closer.

I also talked to Lana, the gal who’s moving in on Monday night/Tuesday morning, and she’s agreed to take the three bookcases and the furniture.  The drafting table is unfortunately toast now due to some of the plastic bits self destructing – plastic does perish – and Jeff wants the little stand Alex gave me, so that accounts for the rest of it.  I’m also leaving her the ironing board.  Since I would have to pay to move all that stuff, I’m just as happy that she wants it.  And if she doesn’t, it won’t be my problem.

Sunday I’ll be cleaning the place.  Empty, I imagine it will be a lot easier!

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