To quote Eric Frank Russell

I feel like a half stunned cripple, and Jeff collected a few bruises and scrapes as well, but the big furniture is in and I slept on at least a portion of my bed in the new place last night.  Yahoo, as they say.  I should have been pushing stuff into corners after we got here, but the lure of watching the first two episodes of Deadwood with Jeff was too great.  I slept with the door open and Eddie came to visit me sometime around four.  He makes as much noise as a person walking.

This guy will never be President.

Sigh.  We can dream about it.
Mind you, neither will these gents.


Today, unpacking, bed assembly, and then over to St James Hall for the dress rehearsal of the show and then to visit the Luddite. I just wish I felt more like moving.

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