6 thoughts on “Hollow laughs all around”

  1. Spring is on the way in Ottawa — have seen several Robins now (although they look a little confused), the garden centres at various super stores are being errected (the one at Hazeldean Mall is smaller than the pile of snow right beside it) AND tonight we saw a street sweeper cleaning Eagleson Road. On the other hand we still have snowbanks and can’t see any of our front lawn yet.

  2. And then it snowed AGAIN in the afternoon and there were tiny pockets of accumulation as I walked to the bus. Grr, argh! I don’t think the robins around here even bother with that boring migration stuff.

  3. Yeah, life is tough. Had to scrape all the car windows this morning as they were just plastered with cherry blossoms.

  4. Unsolicited Nature Lesson : The robins in the Lower Fraser Valley and the southern part of Vancouver Island don’t have to migrate, true, but for reasons known only to Gaia (but probably relating to evolution always pushing the envelope) they DO migrate. The ones we see here all winter came south from further north; once you see them no longer flocking but in singles and doubles, you’re loking at the ones who came from further south, and we’re their “north” summer range. This has been demonstrated by banding. The same probably applies to the “resident” Anna’s hummingbirds, but I don’t have banding data as evidence, and the bird books say “probably” on that point.

  5. Snowing? What-where? I happen to have chosen a tiny pocket of micro-climate where it _doesn’t_ snow, even when there is snow at both Brentwood Mall and Holdom Stations.
    I am amused that you moved away from the Mountain to escape the snow, yet it follows you everwhere.

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