Avian bookends

So I get off at Brentwood Town Centre and there she is – Marie – and I know the bird is different.  This one is Perry the peregrine.  She was so pretty, so ethereally beautiful, that my heart justabout stopped.  I regret the quality, but I didn’t want to use a flash.

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3 thoughts on “Avian bookends”

  1. OK, now I am officially jealous. You have beautiful birds on display, in the city, at a transit station!

  2. Ethereal beauty, yes. Maybe because they’re big enough for us to get our brains around – because when you look closely, all birds are ethereally beautiful, but some have to be stared at longer and harder to SEE.
    The real challenge would be to see ethereal beauty in a vulture, close up.

  3. I agree Nautilus3, they are all beautiful. If we ever decide between a backyard porch or an enclosed sunroom, I would love to set up an open aviary with trees. In the latter case (enclosed) lots of colourful little finches and my favourite (budgies).

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