Off I go to work.

As usual, I’m running late.  Fed the boys pierogies, veg and salad – and I am not going to do that again anytime soon, because between the sour cream and frying the pierogies in bacon fat I had heartburn last night like a widdy firestorm in my tummy.  Urp.  Luddite brought chocolate, as usual….  Yum.  Oh, and also another bike chain for the deck.  He had a dreffle shiner from where a bike wheel jumped off a rack and hit him in the face.  With any other guy I know, I would have said a jocular “What’d the other guy look like?” but I knew it was an accident with the Luddite.  I cannot imagine him resorting to fisticuffs unless it was that or death.  He could have been up at four to greet the dawn with the Morris Men – a fine pagan tradition – but for some reason decided not to.