Healthy day

I cycled from here to Vancouver General and ALMOST all the way back – I was only about ten blocks from home and realized I just didn’t have it, so I also learned (thanks to a really snarly driver) how to get the bike on and off the rack at the front of the bus.  Such a lecture your poor correspondent received!

Now I am about to jump on the bus again to go to RCH for my other appointment, and then home.  Where I hope to just collapse.

While I was waiting at the clinic, the Luddite called with the best route home. He had guessed when I’d be sitting waiting and planned how to get home with the minimum of hills.  I didn’t do it of course, being contrary, but it was ever so sweet of him.

perfectly normal pork chops

The meal last night was yummy – the pork chops were precisely at that place where doneness and juiciness intersect.  I learned a little more of the new barbecue’s ways so that I will not be helpless when it comes to searing meat.

The Luddite was here and was entertaining.  His take on reality is so skewed that I find myself cracking up repeatedly.  We traded backrubs while Mayday! was on.  Jeff cracked up himself when he learned that one definitive way to shut me up is to work on my feet.  You never know when a piece of information like that could save your life, or your sanity at very least.
I like the Mayday! show, except when I think about travelling to France on a jet aircraft…
The stove has been fixed.  The stove elements now work in perfect congress.
Rogers is still dicking around with the phone service.  I’d give details, but I’ll let Jeff provide them if he feels like it. The phone works, but the billing is like a nightmare from the website.

My pay issue at work has been resolved.  That was annoying, but like most things it was easier to fix when I stopped being mad.  My raise wasn’t added effective 1st April like it was supposed to be – the explanation was apologetic and the action plan acceptable.
I am off to collect some more hepatitis shots and get a mammogram.  I’m going to ride my bicycle to the place I’m collecting my shots and then take the transit home, and then leave for my appointment at RCH.  Now that the weather is better I’m going to try to get some exercise any day it isn’t pouring rain.  I’m thinking of my last mammogram – almost 15 years ago now – in Montreal, when I got to listen to a boundlessly cheerful tech say, “Ne respirez PAS de TOUT!”  “RESpirEZ!” about a hundred times.  Then I went to listen to the results from an urbane Francophone doctor, who tapped the films in front of him and said, with equal cheerfulness, “Zat is a perfec’ly normal breast!”   Hmf.  There is nothing perfectly normal about me…. but those are words I sure want to hear again.