Beautiful sky

The sky is pink, peach and lilac right now; a song sparrow is providing aural punctuation. I like this kitchen table. Oh, look; cat puke. I can’ t really complain, it’s outside on the deck.

Yesterday was a really good day for getting things done. I found my tax stuff, or at least most of it; I replaced my bank card, got new guitar strings, unpacked some boxes, did a small shop, made chocolate banana muffins, removed four pounds of fur (at least) from Eddie, who is visibly more svelte after his many grooming sessions, cleaned the bathroom fixtures, made club sandwiches for lunch (they were REALLY good), hung the Serenity and labyrinth quilts mOm made for me (as well as the heron plaque) and started clearing leftovers out of the fridge, & made an appointment to get my next set of hep shots (and then I’ll be a hepcat, w00t). Yeah, it’s all little stuff but it felt SO good to get some stuff off the list instead of onto it.

Jeff’s day was similarly productive, and included chaining down the barbecue, supervising the repairman who came to look at the stove, and putting up pegs at the back door, which will keep my coat from being draped over any chair I get close to.

Then, some BSGs3 and DeadwoodS3 – For the Deadwood episodes, this is my third time through the series and I’m STILL getting stuff I didn’t see the first & second time through. It’s a damned dense series. I am also seeing nuances in the acting I didn’t get the first time. Titus Welliver is CUTE. Sorry. I just think he is.

Later, Iron Man.  And maybe Mike will drop by after work.  And I definitely need to make some phone calls.  My girlfriends will be thinking I’ve forgotten all about them if I don’t touch base with them soon.

Jericho starts next week – Tuesday night.  I have to start practicing today as well and change guitar strings.